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CapitalStar Systems
Encompassing voice, hybrid and full electronic trading
CapitalStar Systems provides OTC broking systems to the global interbank and institutional community. CapitalStar focuses on seamlessly integrating the unique advantages of OTC-style broking with powerful price discovery, trade processing, clearing and back-office tools. Through a configurable platform and market development consulting services, CapitalStar provides cost-effective entry points for brokerage firms ranging from independent startups to large enterprises.
StarPort OTC
The Turn-Key Solution for
OTC Derivative Markets
Built specifically for the OTC derivative markets, CapitalStar's flagship product serves the OTC broker's front-, middle- and back-office needs. Technology for OTC brokers isn't just about the front-end; it extends to the back office where firms can reduce operational costs by automating and streamlining procedures.
With StarPort OTC, getting the trade done is only the start. StarPort OTC features connectivity to clearing centers, electronic trade confirmation, brokerage calculations and a full suite of operations reports.