Consulting Services

Business Process and Technology Solutions
CapitalStar Systems draws on deep knowledge of OTC markets and trading platform development technology to help customers optimize operations and execute on market strategies. A structured market development program and a disciplined technology process combine to ensure that products and systems are delivered on time and to the specifications agreed to with project stakeholders.

Market Development

CapitalStar's Market Strategic Dimensions Framework, a proprietary implementation methodology, is central to our consulting services. The Strategic Dimensions Framework provides a consistent methodology for assessing, measuring and identifying opportunities in the interdealer broker's value chain.
CapitalStar Systems understands the fast pace and ever-changing environment our customers operate in. Transitioning from voice-based to voice plus hybrid and full electronic models is a multiphase process executed as competencies develop. CapitalStar's Market Strategic Dimensions Framework helps broker firms manage that transition in a manner that maintains and leverages existing strengths, assets and relationships.
The development of new market products, changing market structures, regulatory reform, and the move toward cleared OTC derivative products are propelling interdealer brokers onto systems that capture transactions electronically and automate downstream use of that data. Whether you're concerned about Dodd-Frank and swap execution facility (SEF) requirements, routing to clearing centers, or you're developing a proprietary market strategy, talk to CapitalStar Systems about how our Strategic Dimensions Framework can be applied to help you execute better.


CapitalStar Systems employs a formalized project organization and engineering process that applies clear and concise standards and deliverables at every stage. Our milestone-driven approach is engineered to produce flexible and scalable solutions based on stakeholder input, market experience, research, analysis, and an understanding of our customer's needs.
CapitalStar's engineering process is segmented into six intensive, activity-centered phases encompassing business analysis and user interface design, development coding, quality assurance, acceptance testing, deployment, and post-production maintenance. During implementation and testing phases, communication and thoroughness are emphasized through multiple iterations and daily meetings. During deployment and training, knowledge transfer is conducted over multiple sessions supported by documentation. When a production environment is established, ongoing support and maintenance are managed through standardized issue tracking and continued quality assurance testing.
Financial Regulation Reform
An Industry in Transition
Throughout the evolving reform of financial regulations, CapitalStar Systems has acted as both advisor and solutions provider to a variety of participant types across financial markets and asset classes.
Transaction styles and the systems connectivity required for affirmation, clearing, reporting, and data transportability are central to the operational workflows and technical solutions CapitalStar Systems offers.
Whether your desk needs a brokerage platform or a consultation on how you are affected by shifts in your markets, CapitalStar Systems has the experience and resources to transition you through the dramatic changes our industry is experiencing.