The StarPort OTC Platform
StarPort OTC streamlines the OTC derivatives broker's workflow, introducing efficiencies and reducing overhead to maximize your operations.
StarPort OTC contains a host of features specifically built to serve the needs of the OTC derivatives broker.
StarPort OTC is a scalable, multi-tiered application that can operate on either a single server or across many servers depending on customer needs/specifications.

StarPort OTC: Enterprise Solution

The StarPort OTC enterprise solution is installed locally on your site. Optimal for larger brokerage houses, the enterprise solution provides a multi-user license and is engineered for integration with existing infrastructure and systems.
A multi-user license enabling larger firms to leverage internal IT and operational resources
Today's larger OTC brokerage desks employ multiple applications to accomplish daily activities; applications that don't always work well together. StarPort OTC delivers a ready-made solution to the OTC brokerage workflow, consolidating the tools of the OTC brokerage desk into front-, middle- and back-office modules that move data smoothly throughout the process.

Robust Architecture

»  Performance High-efficiency messaging service enables StarPort OTC to exceed the demands of the most active environments.
»  Scalability Extensible, modular design facilitates easy expansion to increase performance or accommodate user community growth.
»  Reliability - Seamless failover of critical components provides a high availability service.
»  Security - Industry standard security encryption and firewall support provides a highly secure environment.
»  Support Industry-standard technologies minimize training and support requirements for internal IT staff.


»  Component-based architecture facilitates flexible deployment options.
»  Users can connect via the Internet, private extranet or financial service networks (e.g. Savvis or Radianz).
»  Supports multiple brokering entities on one platform.
»  Add new users, instruments and products quickly.
»  On-site installation provides for web-accessibility from other sites.

Installation & Implementation

»  The CapitalStar deployment team guides your IT staff through installation, standards verification and testing.
»  The CapitalStar deployment team trains your IT staff on routine system support and maintenance requirements.
»  CapitalStar support services train end-users on platform functionality and workflow.