Deployment Solutions
The Hosted StarPort OTC solution is ideal for brokers seeking immediate entry in their markets without the cost and overhead of IT systems and management. Best suited for independent and early-phase outfits, all technology is hosted and maintainted by CapitalStar Systems.
StarPort OTC Enterprise places all platform technology on your servers. Best suited for medium and larger offices, StarPort OTC Enterprise capitalizes on the infrastructure and technology resources you already have in place to achieve economies of scale.

StarPort OTC Features

CapitalStar Systems offers an OTC brokerage platform designed specifically to serve the needs of the wholesale interbank and institutional broker. From leveraging the uniqueness of voice-based brokering to encompassing hybrid and full electronic models, the StarPort OTC platform streamlines the broker's workflow and addresses ever-evolving financial markets requirements.
The StarPort OTC platform provides a comprehensive OTC brokerage system that is configurable for your products and transaction styles, and scalable for your desk size.

Market Pages

»  Internal and external "white boards" with customizable transparency settings by role.
»  Create and share watch lists.
»  Display firm and indicative orders, indications of interest, and RFQ indicators.
»  Maintain order stack and depth.
»  Create bespoke instruments on the fly.
»  Click-trade firm orders, price IOI and indicative orders, and reinitiate RFQs.

Order Entry

»  Manage orders for instrument types including forwards, swaps, options and spreads.
»  Enter orders for existing instruments by typing directly on the market page.
»  Enter orders for new instruments by product type using dedicated list-driven tabbed pages.
»  Implement customizable multi-leg strategies including straddles, strangles, butterflies, put and call spreads.
»  Create option orders with multiple hedges using standard parameters (delta, underlying instrument, term, expiry and price).

Order Book

»  View all orders for the current trading session.
»  Modify orders individually; delete and park orders individually or in bulk.
»  Filter and sort orders.

Request For Quote (RFQ/RFSQ/RFQplus)

»  Enable structured RFQ sessions, streaming RFQ sessions, or advanced RFQ sessions featuring matching algorithms that encourage market participation by role.
»  Create RFQs for all instrument types, including options with hedges.
»  Select all RFQ recipients or filter by only those online.
»  View all RFQs and RFSQs for the current trading session.
»  Market makers review, respond to and track requests.
»  Post new orders to market pages based on existing requests.

Integrated Instant Messenger

»  Communicate instantly with traders, brokers, other desks, offices and markets, as well as your back office.
»  Drag orders from and to market pages for rapid and detail-accurate interaction.
»  Post orders and hit/lift trades from instant messenger using shorthand keystrokes.
»  Aggregate existing client instant messenger accounts (e.g. Yahoo, MSN, AOL) for broad compatibility.
»  Create IM groups, host chat rooms and blast messages.

Command Line

»  Quickly post orders and markets to market pages using command line syntax.
»  Hit/Lift firm orders and price indicative and IOI orders.
»  Accelerate command entry through syntax recognition.
»  Drag and drop orders from market pages, order book and trade book.
»  Access quick list of recent commands.

Trade Manager

»  Trade blotter displays all trades for the current trading session.
»  Includes trade ticket that captures multi-leg and hedged trades as well as buyer and seller details and brokerage.
»  Monitor broker approval, modifications and transaction rejections through intuitive status indicators.
»  Review, approve and confirm trade details.
»  Submit trades to clearing centers and monitor clearing status.

Customer Trade Management Portal

»  Secure, browser-based web portal branded to your company's identity and featuring customer-specific logins.
»  Provides your customers with access to their trade data and reduces your support resources.
»  Customer trade approval/dispute tool with status instantly updated on broker screens.
»  Customer trade blotter for current and historical trades, complete with full search, sort, filter and export capabilities.

Credit Matrix

»  Manage bilateral credit relationships and monitor exposure on an asset, product or instrument-by-instrument basis.
»  Organizations cannot trade with one another bilaterally until a credit relationship has been established and approved by credit managers for both organizations.


»  Gross and net revenue reports by broker, desk, customer, and product.
»  Volume and transaction reports by asset class and customer.


»  Generate branded invoices in PDF and Microsoft Excel formats and deliver in email, fax or print according to each customer's preference.
»  Export trade data in CSV format and use accounting gateway to transfer system data to general ledger and other external systems.