The StarPort OTC Platform
StarPort OTC streamlines the OTC derivatives broker's workflow, introducing efficiencies and reducing overhead to maximize your operations.
StarPort OTC contains a host of features specifically built to serve the needs of the OTC derivatives broker.
StarPort OTC is a scalable, multi-tiered application that can operate on either a single server or across many servers depending on customer needs/specifications.

StarPort OTC: Hosted Client Solution

The StarPort OTC hosted solution is a web-accessible platform that eliminates the need for complex dedicated infrastructure and support. Ideal for new brokerage operations and those expanding into new markets, StarPort OTC is available for rapid, secure deployment.
The full benefits of an OTC brokerage platform without investing
in technology infrastructure or support resources
One of the most significant challenges facing small desks is establishing the infrastructure and systems necessary to provide high quality service. Customers expect and demand timely trade confirmations, accurate invoicing and personalized service. With the StarPort OTC Hosted solution, you leverage CapitalStar's deep knowledge of OTC markets and technology to extend your own desk. The StarPort OTC platform resides on servers in CapitalStar's professionally managed data center. Our experienced professional team manages the system for you, handling hardware administration, disaster recovery and product upgrades while your focus remains trained on your broking business.

Rapid Startup

»  Web services delivery methodology that will run on any conventional computing platform.
»  Quick, secure deployment on existing infrastructure.
»  Managed by a robust and flexible administrative center that customizes the platform to your markets, products, clients, trading styles and branding.

Cost Savings

»  No additional servers, hardware, or upgrades necessary.
»  Software, hardware, support and upgrades are handled by CapitalStar Systems, saving you additional expenses.


»  Streamlined, web-enabled technology facilitates ease of deployment.
»  Location-independent Accessible remotely, StarPort OTC supports and connects users in different locations and provides location flexibility.
»  Redundancy Failover through clustered, load-balanced architecture manages service availability.


»  CapitalStar's development team handles software maintenance, support and upgrades.
»  CapitalStar's dedicated IT engineers maintain the servers and backup processes in a professionally managed data center to keep your system running at optimal performance.