The StarPort OTC Platform
StarPort OTC streamlines the OTC derivatives broker's workflow, introducing efficiencies and reducing overhead to maximize your operations.
StarPort OTC contains a host of features specifically built to serve the needs of the OTC derivatives broker.
StarPort OTC is a scalable, multi-tiered application that can operate on either a single server or across many servers depending on customer needs/specifications.


StarPort OTC

The Turnkey Solution for OTC Derivative Markets
The StarPort OTC brokerage platform enables interdealer brokers to host market places for OTC derivative products. Designed specifically to serve the needs of the OTC derivative markets, StarPort OTC is a hit/lift trading system that streamlines the broker's workflow from the front office to the back office, fully integrating price-discovery, order management, trading, confirmations, clearing center routing and back-office processes including time-saving features such as fee calculations, invoicing and payout allocations.
Tailored to the OTC market and products you broker, StarPort OTC is available as a hosted solution or as an on-site enterprise installation. Whether you are a two-man shop looking for a market-entry solution, or a large brokerage desk seeking operational efficiencies, there is a StarPort OTC solution that's right for you.
Markets Served

» Crude Oil
» Natural Gas
» Heating Oil
» Gasoline
» Distillates
» Power
» Biofuels
» Freight

» Credit
» Interest Rate Swaps
» Interest Rate Options
» Short-term Money Markets
» Long-term Money Markets
» Derivatives
» Basis Swaps
» Inflation-adjusted Swaps
Deployment Solutions
The Hosted StarPort OTC solution is ideal for brokers seeking immediate entry in their markets without the cost and overhead of IT systems and management. Best suited for independent and early-phase outfits, all technology is hosted and maintainted by CapitalStar Systems.
StarPort OTC Enterprise places all platform technology on your servers. Best suited for medium and larger offices, StarPort OTC Enterprise capitalizes on the infrastructure and technology resources you already have in place to achieve economies of scale.

» Spots
» Swaps
» Options
» Forwards
» Cross-currencies
» Non-deliverable Forwards

» Softs
» Grains
» Commodity Index
» Base Metals
» Ferrous Metals
» Precious Metals
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