The StarPort OTC Platform
StarPort OTC streamlines the OTC derivatives broker's workflow, introducing efficiencies and reducing overhead to maximize your operations.
StarPort OTC contains a host of features specifically built to serve the needs of the OTC derivatives broker.
StarPort OTC is a scalable, multi-tiered application that can operate on either a single server or across many servers depending on customer needs/specifications.

StarPort OTC Technology

StarPort OTC is a web-accessible, scalable system with a flexible data structure designed to accommodate an array of OTC markets, products, and asset classes. StarPort OTC uses Java technology, industry-standard technology and open-source software to provide flexible integration with both internal and external systems. As a distributed and component based system, StarPort OTC features high-efficiency messaging that exceeds demands of the most active environments.


»  Reliability Seamless failover of critical components provides a high availability service.
»  Scalability Extensible, modular design facilitates easy expansion to increase performance or accommodate user community growth.
»  Portability Java programming language is platform-independent.
»  Standards-based message protocol (FIX, FpML) and component-based APIs.


»  Runs on any hardware platform compatible with Java runtime environment 1.6.
»  Intel server running Linux OS.
»  Firewall and load balancer.
»  Cisco network equipment.


»  Client application deployed via Java Web Start for automatic software updates.
»  Our web server is HTTP/1.1-compliant, implements the latest protocols, is highly configurable and extensible with third-party modules.
»  Our application servers provide enterprise-class security, transaction support, resource management, load balancing, and clustering.
»  A message-oriented middleware server delivers communications across distributed application components.
»  Database servers include MySQL and MS SQL Server.
»  Crystal report and Jasper report for reporting and invoicing.
»  FIX 4.2 order routing API.


»  User Authentication.
»  HTTPS for firewall and proxy server tunneling.
»  128-bit message encryption.
»  Multi-layer firewall protection.