Deployment Solutions
The Hosted StarPort OTC solution is ideal for brokers seeking immediate entry in their markets without the cost and overhead of IT systems and management. Best suited for independent and early-phase outfits, all technology is hosted and maintainted by CapitalStar Systems.
StarPort OTC Enterprise places all platform technology on your servers. Best suited for medium and larger offices, StarPort OTC Enterprise capitalizes on the infrastructure and technology resources you already have in place to achieve economies of scale.

The StarPort OTC Workflow

StarPort OTC is a comprehensive OTC brokerage system designed to streamline the broker's workflow from the front office to the back office. StarPort OTC fully integrates price-discovery, order management, trading, confirmations, clearing center routing and back-office processes, introducing efficiencies at every step. Engineered for flexibility at price discovery and trading stages, communication at confirmation and clearing stages, and dependability in reporting and invoicing stages, StarPort OTC's comprehensive workflow is underpinned by an instant messaging framework designed to efficiently move information to clients and around your desk.

Order Management

»  Enter and modify orders via list-driven tickets or a keystroke-driven command line.
»  Review orders on internal market pages (white boards) showing order stack and depth.
»  Disseminate orders via integrated instant messaging.
»  Transparent SEF-compliant central limit order book.
»  Host structured or streaming RFQ sessions to develop markets, discover prices and solicit interest.

Trade Execution

»  Hit/lift via click-trading or command line keystrokes.
»  Execute multi-asset and multi-legged trades via list-driven trade ticket.
»  Instantly alert clients to trade executions through automated trade notifications.

Integrated Instant Messenger

»  Communicate instantly with traders, brokers, other desks, offices and markets, as well as your back office.
»  Drag orders, trades, confirmations and trade details from other windows for rapid and detail-accurate interaction.
»  Post orders and hit/lift trades from instant messenger using shorthand keystrokes.
»  Aggregate existing client instant messenger accounts (e.g. Yahoo, MSN, AOL) for broad compatibility.
»  Create IM groups, host chat rooms and blast messages.

Trade Enrichment

»  Review trades and track validation and confirmation status in trade blotter.
»  Capture broker approvals for both sides of trade.
»  Automatically calculate brokerage, multi-broker commission splits and brokerage sharing.
»  Auditable trade amendments by brokers or back-office personnel.


»  Straight-through processing to client clearing accounts at electronically accessible clearing centers.
»  Real-time displays of clearing status and clearing IDs for ease in tracking and communicating with your customers.
»  Capture clearing details and clearing account information for manually cleared trades.
»  Cancel/amend trades sent to clearing centers and maintain a history of changes (where supported).

Trade Confirmations

»  Send to customers in email, fax or printed formats according to each customer's preference.
»  Send confirmations to customer-specific distribution lists.
»  Track and respond to customer trade approvals and disputes.
»  Archive historical trade confirmations and resend if necessary.

Customer Trade Management Portal

»  A secure, browser-based web portal branded to your company's identity and featuring customer-specific logins provides your customers with access to their trade data and reduces your support resources.
»  Customer trade blotter for current and historical trades complete with full search, sort, filter and export capabilities.
»  Customer trade approval/dispute tool with status instantly updated on broker screens.


»  Automatically calculate brokerage commissions on trade execution based on stored brokerage schedule.
»  Share commissions, split commissions, co-broker trades, and manually override calculated commissions.
»  Apply discounts by traded volume, revenue volume and tiered volume.
»  Enforce brokerage caps and floors.


»  Gross and net revenue reports by broker, desk, customer, and product.
»  Volume and transaction reports by asset class and customer.


»  Generate branded invoices in PDF and Excel formats and deliver in email, fax or print according to each customer's preference.
»  Export trade data in CSV format and use accounting gateway to transfer system data to general ledger and other external systems.