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Support Overview

CapitalStar Systems provides an experienced support team of professional IT and business personnel with a wealth of knowledge in the OTC markets. CapitalStar's support experience spans three dimensions: broker market knowledge, broker/trader business workflows, and operational responsibilities.
The CapitalStar Systems support team understands the urgency and criticality of systems and we are dedicated to providing the best customer service to brokers, their customers and support staff. Through strict issue management processes, our support team provides traceability and accountability at each level, ensuring quick resolutions while providing a high-level of quality control.

Hosted Services

When you choose CapitalStar Systems to host the StarPort OTC service on your behalf, you benefit from support on two levels. In CapitalStar's professionally managed data center, IT engineers maintain the servers and backup processes to keep your system running at optimal performance. In CapitalStar's main office, system administrators provide back-office services such as customer and product setup, entering brokerage commission schedules and managing CME reference data. CapitalStar's attention to system infrastructure and administrative needs allows your brokers to focus on servicing customers and growing your business.

Enterprise Services

When you choose to install and manage CapitalStar's Enterprise solution on-site using your own infrastructure and resources, CapitalStar Systems provides a comprehensive training program and after-sales support to ensure the integrity and resiliency of the installation. Once StarPort OTC is in production on your brokerage desk, daily operation continues to be backed by our experienced team of professionals. We are available to answer questions and provide assistance on issues ranging from system administration to infrastructure maintenance.
For further information or questions on the CapitalStar Systems support service email us at or call our Help Desk on 1-646-308-1402.